Search me = find me!

I only recently discovered you can view site stats.
(I know, I’m such a pro)

Best part? Search terms.

I would like to welcome the (TWO!) people who found my blog yesterday through; “cellulite and fat women in swimsuit at the beach”. Yes, that totally describes me and my blog. I am very fond google directed you to my blog through typing these words.

Also, I hope the following people found what they were looking for when they hit search:
– “he is too short for my liking” (recurrent problem o’mine)
– “deformed naked” (thanks!)
– “exploding cauliflower” (just the way I like my cauliflower)
– “wrist” & “pretty hands” (totally)
– “sugar auntie” (come to momma)
– “boobs bellies and thighs” (check!)
– “i always wear my silver ring” (true story)
– “anafucker” (thanks dude!)
– “sooz” + “crazyland” (ahw you know me so well!)
– “poo shoes” (collect them)

This totally made my day


21 thoughts on “Search me = find me!

  1. I have solved my problem by creating a new blog. You can find me here:- (I have 3 blogs in this name lol). It’s Rhio aka Roxy aka adverseuniverse. I’m totally me over there, Im using my real name, and im going to try and not say too much personal shit so I dont feel like deleting it.
    Anyway your search terms are ace.
    Loves xx

  2. Haha this is funny. I get ‘successful carrots’ a lot… what?
    Sadly the most common one is ‘how to be ana’ or ‘pro-ana’ or ‘anorexia guide’ :(
    Glad they ended up here not somewhere else!

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