Eh, no. Not a new weekly tradition. It just… one of them days, ya know?
So, instead of feeling al cranky (hello, cold, dreary weather? Who wouldn’t get cranky) and tired (don’t even get me started on that one), I thought I’d brighten things up a little.

I LOVE shopping for others. Can lead to better buys than when I’m shopping for myself. So, I did some internet-window shopping (cheap…) for some of you lovely bloggie-friends!

My friends, get ready for a click-party (it’ll be worth it!)

Melissa? I already sent you my book of awesomeness the other day, but I bet you’ll love this too. Magic salt and pepper shakers?! I mean, you could just fill it with cinnamon to top your brekkie? Or eh, with basil to top dinner? Right? Right?!

And for you and all your fellow Americanos, show me the money! Just dont get it dirty

Oh and if you wanna share dinner with Zoe. your Zoe, than whats cooler than this? Maybe Ellie and I can join in with our furry friends too?

Speaking of Ellie, you and Meg love your stationary, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate a little pen-fajita (with extra hot sauce?). Though to top it with this might justbe a little too much. Guys seriously; GROSS?!!

Fiona, you were looking for Shalimar costumes for Halloween? Inspiration can be found here!! (pretty sure you can fit them on cats too?)

And Meg, the cake-lover, how’s this for you? Oh Melis, I wish I could share some of this rainbow-unicorn-butt with you! I found this one too Meg, but it mostly reminds me of Britney…?

And then for Greta, my fellow European coffee lover, can you appreciate some coffee-art, but then different? Or, now winter is coming, chill on the couch with your cuppa?

And for all other coffee and tea lovers, how about this brilliant invention right here? I know right, the inventor of that WILL become a millionair at some point!

Oh and as the overarching facor for coffee-loving geeks; Geeky latte art!

And Rox, my little geeky science nerd, how about you lick some balls? (ha). No seriously, aren’t those too awesome to eat?! Oh and to make life even better, they have this, and this. And for anyone interested, they all come in a pickle variety and even a cupcake variety too!

Oh and THIS!! (Susa?! Though I KNOW you’ll love the coffee ones too!)

And Zoe? I just wanna go camping with you. Back to nature, back to balance, and long night chats over bottles of wine. You can pick the tent! And we can be creative and such, cuz I loooove these!

And can we not ALL pick something from all this awesomeness? What is not to love, seriousy!!

Did I brighten your day a little, too?


18 thoughts on “Tuesday-things

  1. FIRST of all….you have NO clue…NONE how into S and P I am ….you probably have no idea about my predilection for stars and fairy wands but trust me….it all runs DEEP.

    I’ve actually fwaned over these in the past! Girl? You SO have me nailed!

    PS- I love this sort of viirtual or gift giving. I have often thought of doing it over at my blog…because so often I see things and think “Oh, so and so from across the country who I have never met face to face but know the names of theirpets and their favorite foods — would LOVE that. ”

    But you know, we ain’t all made of money so why not just do the virtual? Plus it really is the thoughts that count.

  2. And……the doggie wine glass. so useful. She can finally figure out what Mommy’s walking around with everynight….not that I drink wine every day but…I totally do. LOL.

  3. OH MY GOSH. I’ve just frozen up my computer from viewing too many things at once, totally worth it! I’ve also laughed myself silly and shared many of these with my facebook friends who think I’m awesome for finding them (LOL) (don’t worry, I didn’t take all the credit!)
    My eyes feel all stretched from shock when I clicked on your link for me… NSFW haha! Shalimar will KILL me!!! Lol you are awesome, thank you for the laughs! xoxo

  4. Love love LOVE the cakes! They’re so cool! And Ellie, you can defo have the mackerel one, it creeps me out a little bit, but I love the Fajitas one!

    Sooz, this post made me smile.

    Oh, and a kid in my class asked where I got my book from the other day because she wants one, I told her to head over to Holland…(she had no idea what I meant!) xx

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