Keep your head up

First thing I do every morning is putting on some music. Normally by putting on a CD, but I only have 5, so you can imagine I sometimes need to switch things up a little. This morning I did just that by turning on the radio and it played me this, which I will now share with you. As a reminder, more so for me than anyone else I guess, the following words by Andy Grammar (how can you not love someone’s lyrics with a last name like that?). Its bits and pieces of the song ‘Keep your head up’, which I slightly edited.

You gotta keep your head up
I know it’s hard
I know it’s hard
To remember sometimes
But you gotta keep your head up

I’m seeing all the angles
start to get tangled
I start to compromise
My life and the purpose
Is it all worth it?
Am I gonna turn out fine?

Oh, you’ll turn out fine

But you gotta keep your head up
Even though it’s hard
I know it’s hard
To remember sometimes
You gotta keep your head up

Only rainbows after rain
The sun will always come again
And its a circle, circling
Around again, it comes around,

So you gotta keep your head up

(I only just saw the video for the first time, as I normally only listen to music, since I don’t own a TV.. But ooooooehh, he makes me reconsider getting a TV, no?)


7 thoughts on “Keep your head up

  1. I’ve just caught up on your week, so sorry about your friend Sooz, it really does put things into perspective. There is absolutely NO point in beating yourself up about it though, and I understand you feel guilty for feeling the way you do and not ‘getting on with it’ etc etc, but really – it’s easier said than done. I’m sure if it was possible to ‘snap out of it’, you would. But it isn’t, so concentrate on looking after yourself and your friend, rather than hating the fact you struggle sometimes.

    Lots of love to you dear, I’ll mail you asap (when I climb way way out of the pile of paperwork I have at the mo!). Take the words of this song to heart xx

  2. Read a bunch of your recent posts. The one where you talk about fear and AN touched. You have come so far! You glowed when you jumped. (Peeked FB). Remember that! Remember that life needs some energy. And then you just go and live and hard days come, but then better ones come too. What if you came here if Malaysia doesn’t happen? You’d have a blast!!!

    • I have a LOT more, but they’re old too and not stuff I wanna listen to anymore. Plus, they’re still all in moving boxes from when I moved from my previous place to my current (‘temporary’) place. I need me some nice new ones!! (cuz yeah, I’m oldskool like that too, I still buy CD’s!)

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