And then….

And then….

it all comes crashing down


9 thoughts on “And then….

  1. I hope you’re OK too… I’m a long time lurker but just wanted to come out of the woodwork and say how brave and amazing your WAMM WIAM series was. I’m constantly inspired and encouraged by all your posts, and I hope that whatever has happened, things will be all right soon.

    • Hi Rose! Thanks for unlurking :) Things won’t really be ‘alright’, but, stuff’ll work out. It’s just a big shitty mess. But thanks for your comment and please stay de-lurked!

      • I’m sorry, I knew I shouldn’t say “I hope things will be all right” as I wrote it… I just wanted to put SOMETHING down, and I’m no writer, I’m afraid I’m one of those verbally clumsy people who always comes out with a platitude. I hope the some of the sentiment I had was conveyed, anyway.

      • No I didn’t mean to come across harsh! Please don’t interpret it that way. I really appreciate the comment and the intention behind it. Really, thanks, and don’t shy away from commenting in the future

  2. I hope you will be okay, Sooz… I know you can get through this, too, whatever this is. Look how far you have come, look at all you have come through! It sounds like things are a mess, and I just hope and pray they work out for you. Remember you can always email me if you need someone to listen (or read!) Sending lots of hugs and support and love your way xoxoxox

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