A little sign of life!

While I was on my Cuban time-out, I was nominated for some awards (again!). I’ve been busy ignoring my blog since I got back to Holland, but as I am currently an energy-bomb sitting home alone I thought I’d make myself useful by ignoring my two deadlines this week and getting on to this instead!

Ellie and Meg both nominated me for the versatile blogger award and the lovely blog award. Greta nominated me for that last one too. Agnes nominated me for the reader appreciation award and the versatile blogger award as well.

Since I’ve done the reader award twice already, and since the versatile and lovely one are same-same but different, I’ll just scoop up seven random facts about myself here and call it a day. I’m (again) not nominating anyone, which is not because I don’t appreciate them, but I just wanna invite anyone who reads this to share something random, silly, secretive or whatever about themselves!!

  1. I wear a lot of rings. And I mean a lot, a lot. I always wear a big silver ring (that I got in Egypt) and a white golden ring (from my mum) on my right hand, and a wooden band on my left. The rest of my fingers are always decorated with a bunch of random, usually big and bold, rings.

    1. b. I also always wear at least one big beaded necklace wrapped around my left wrist. Always. I have two old favs (a brown wooden one and a red/yellow glass string) but I ‘switch it up’ with multi colored ones often.
  2. My left shoulder is notoriously nude. Naked. Nekkid. No seriously, I have this stupid habit of always wearing everything off-shoulder, whether appropriate or not. And it’s always the left shoulder. Cannot help it. Even when I worked at a workshop with mentally challenged people, where one super autistic guy would fix my shirt every two seconds, I would unknowingly shrug it off again within a nanosecond. My left shoulder is just a pervert.
  3. I’ve been a vegetarian for 18 years. And I used to be the only one in the family. My mum turned vegetarian through the years, but more out of practicality I guess. I was five when I learned that the stuff on my plate used to be an animal and I was appalled. Then the CLAW-disease hit and I watched cows being scooped up my a big machine on the news. I never touched meat again since that day. I’m not one of the fussy ‘I won’t touch it if it was on the same plate as your steak’-type of people, nor do I try and evangelize it. This is my choice and that’s all there is to it.
  4. I did not wear pants for years. First it was impossible to find any jeans because my legs are so impossibly tall. Then my ED made it impossible to find anything my size (but then again, I didn’t really have a ‘size’, I guess, since ‘minus’ doesn’t exist) and then I just was simply so used to always wearing skirts and dresses (not in the girly girl way, at all!). I now own one pair of jeans that fit, and they’re French pink and skinny. Ha.
  5. My left pinky is deformed. Like, I can’t get it straight. You can see it in the ring-picture. I broke it when I was a kid (or, my brother broke it) when my brother and I were chasing each other through the house. He slammed the door in my face and my pinky… yeah, you get the picture. It never healed properly. They can fix it but then they have to break it again. I don’t mind my crooked pinky, though. I think it looks chic when I sip my tea.
  6. I used to play the cello. Like, for years and years. I wasn’t too bad either. But when my teacher moved, I never found a sub and I quit. I deeply regret it. I still own my cello, but I am dreading picking it up again because it’s been like 8 years, which means I’ll have to start with ‘Father Jacob’ again. That would just be agonizing. And fun fact; playing the cello with a deformed pinky is not that easy! I had to switch positions a lot more than anyone else because I can’t do a vibrato with it. Makes it look a lot more complicated though, which I always thought was cool.
  7. My dad’s a helicopter pilot. Or, he flies helicopters, so I guess that officially makes him a helicopter pilot but it’s just his hobby, not his day-time job. I’ve been in helicopters more often than I’ve been on boats I guess? Ever since I was a kid, I’ve gone with him whenever I can. Funny fact again? I jumped out of an old Russian helicopter in Cuba this summer (as can be seen here, yeah, THAT’S ME!). Of course I didn’t tell my dad (or anyone else for that matter!!) until I got back to Holland. A pilot’s daughter jumping out of a perfectly fine working aircraft? He’d’ve killed me before hitting the ground could have done that!

Now tell me a little something about yourself!!


17 thoughts on “A little sign of life!

    • Whatsup with my hands!
      Should be a good one to use in the pub though, if some annoying guy tries to chat me up with an ‘are you a model?’-line. I could so respond; ‘Nope, but my hands are!’

  1. You have beautiful hands.

    Also, helicopter pilot????? That is so cool! I also don’t wear trousers, I’ve always carried my weight in my legs, the only time I did was when I was very thin, that’s the only time I’ve had thin legs. Oh well, we don’t need trousers anyway! I’ve never been a girly girl either. If I was a boy I’d probably still wear a dress, they’re more comfy!

    Awesome facts!

    I played the viola for many years, could never get vibrato right, always sounded like a siren, I don’t even have the broken finger excuse!


    • Violins always sound like sirens or cats in need ;) (Haha no thats just a cello-players-hate-violins-thing! Not true). I wish I still played, I LOVE the cello…

      And guys in dresses…? Think that might scare me just as much as guys in skinny jeans. It just aint right!!

      • Guys in skinny jeans… *shudders*

        I could be Scottish and wear a kilt… hmm… Maybe I’m over thinking this a little! lol

  2. I love this post. You are awesome, Sooz. The rings! How do you find those on your tiny fingers? Because I can’t! Aaarggh! And the skirts and dresses! Oh the skirts and dresses. You are so girly. There were times all my pants and jeans were too loose so I wore only lady like clothes. Well no more. I’ve got a booty! :D

    • My fingers aren’t tiny anymore ;) I fit ‘normal size’ rings without a problem!

      And yeah, I discovered (when buying the jeans) I have a bum now too!! Even my sister in law was shocked. We had a good admire-Sooz’-bum-in-shop-mirror-party, and the sales lady was utterly confused by our happiness upon discovering my booty! But I can now show it off in pink skinny jeans!!

  3. You do have pretty hands!!! But a pilot!! How exciting is that to have a dad who is a pilot! Welcome back to blogging, my girly girl friend! :) xxx

    • My door is always open. Always. And maybe I will do a big ‘ol roadtrip (like the movies!) through the States at some point. And then I will pick you up so you can gangsta-rap in my ride :)

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