Monday Motivations: Guest Post

Another monday! Another week of my travels gone. But, as I promised, here’s another awesome guestpost by the lovely Fiona. I am sure if you’d open an Australian synonym-dictionary and looked up the word ‘Fighter’, it would say ‘Fiona’. So, please enjoy!!


Hello!! Fiona from Faithandmeow here, I thought I would hijack Sooz’ blog while she’s off gallivanting around all over the globe, to bring you a Monday Motivation!

Have you dreamed of travelling? I have. Endlessly. Where would I go? Oh gosh, so little time, where do I begin? This world is so beautiful!

At the moment, it’s not an option for me to travel – if it was, it still wouldn’t really be worthwhile yet. Health-wise, you want to be pretty strong when you go overseas. You don’t want to be caught in a strange place with no guarantee that you will be able to access at least adequate emergency medical care, especially given how fast your medical status can change with an eating disorder. If you are struggling with an ED, you are at risk even from things like the change in cabin air pressure while flying (one of my friends died this way – was not underweight, was thought to have been doing fairly well. You simply cannot tell by someone’s weight what’s going on inside). It’s not worth risking your life to go on holiday. But is it worth living if you never get to see this amazing planet?

Also, who wants to go somewhere amazing and not be able to really truly and fearlessly enjoy the food? Imagine Italy or Paris without being able to sample their famously amazing fare? Or imagine either place being the site of a huge endless nightmare of bingeing and purging? Please, NO. Just not going to be enjoyable, and memorable only for all the wrong reasons and regrets.

Sooz has come a long way – and there she is, over in Cuba as you read this. They have amazing beaches there! Amazing food! History! Buildings! People!! So much to see. You bet she is going to have me begging her for details when she’s back ;)

Since we are all here behind our computer screens dreaming, let’s explore Cuba too :) The official tourism site is here, and it’s worth a whole evening’s exploration I think. It looks amazing – lots of dancing, Spanish cuisine, museums galore. Sadly there is a lot of oppression in Cuba too… At least there are Cuban Cigars there, and Bacardi Rum!

Hearing about places where the people live under oppression, or experience other hardships, always makes me want to DO SOMETHING. But until I have made my own self strong and healthy – I’m powerless to do anything. So not only am I motivated to be able to see the world – I’m motivated to be fit enough to be able to help others when it’s needed.

I’ve rattled on enough – wake up, I’m not that boring I hope!! I’ll leave you with the National Geographic’s Top 10 – World’s Best Trips. Enjoy :)


4 thoughts on “Monday Motivations: Guest Post

  1. I have a dream destination of going to Victoria Canada and Australia when I am “recovered” — Australia has always been a thing for me – since grade school. The Victoria Canada fixation is new.

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