Monday Motivations: Guest post

You’re thinking: “WHAT! Giiiiirl, aint you supposed to be flaunting that white ass on exotic beaches right now?”

Yup. BUT(t)!!

I have something extreeeemely awesome to share with you guys, and I’m quite possibly even more excited about this than any of you! hihi.

Since I’m away for six weeks, hoping to find some peace in Cuba (however contradictionary that may sound), I found some amazing, inspiring and very special (to me!) people to spread some wisdom on my blog. I asked them to write something about what motivates them. What motivates them too and through recovery, but mostly what motivates them to live life to its fullest.

And how amazing is the thought of the next coming mondays being filled with all these different views on motivation, inspiration and positivity?!! (yes yes, I am SO excited about this!!)

So, I am so proud to introduce my first guest!

Everyone, meet Susa. A fighter, a dancer, a traveler, an angelic white-blonde Finnish girl living in Canada with her French hubs (?!). One who does everything she does in the most stylish way, because oh my, does she know how to dress the part!

I will only be able to respond to comments when I get back, but please feel free to comment on all of the posts. I hope the writers of the guest-posts will freely respond to all your input!

PS: The highlights in the text are mine. They struck a cord with me. Now I’ll shut up and leave you to read Susa’s Monday Motivation



Motivation. A word I so dearly like. I adore. I long for. I hold as a savior. If only I have it, then I am safe. I fear the moment when it flees me. I dread that horrible morning when everything seems black, and I have no push to do what-so-ever.
Years of binge eating and then anorexia gave me a shield from pain. When I was frustrated with myself, suffered from social fear or felt like a failure, I would binge. Then somehow things turned around and I became the strongest of them all, survived with calculated amounts of calories, striving for the least possible sum, of course.
On my honeymoon two years ago I finally, reluctantly, admitted I had gone too far. I was underweight and things had to change. I loved my body, but could not enjoy life anymore. I had pains and terrible fears. I knew I was putting my life in danger. Now I am back to a normal weight. It hasn’t been a smooth ride, but I have gone through with it. Hated most of it, but still, have done it.
My motivation for recovery – started out very small. But I kept going with the tiny push. The desire to be well again does get stronger. Surprisingly. It’s like “you get into it”. The taste of life – having energy to actually live again – just starts feeling so much better than that ethereal, prefect body that anorexia is after. The fairy-like body that could never really live. Because real life needs muscles and energy and some fat cells too. (Yep, I hate the idea of the last one but have to accept reality, huh.)
Today I want to have energy to do things, instead of just barely getting by my days. I want to paint art, run through parks, have time for friends, go to night clubs, concerts and all kinds of outings, improvised. I long to find the person I really am, and to accept her. Anorexia started telling me that I was only an obsessed jogger and a skinny girl. Nothing else in me was of worth. But I am something else.
Your motivation? Do you want to find out who you are? Dare to have the body “you have”? Look for like-minded people to support you!

Motivation is the courage to become you, one little step at a time. And encouraging others to do so, too. Never forget  – you are beautiful when you dare to be you.



5 thoughts on “Monday Motivations: Guest post

  1. I’m glad we still get our Monday Motivation despite the fact you are in Cuba!
    I like the idea of taking it one step at a time Susa, I often try to get ahead of myself and expect everything to be fixed *now* so your post has reminded me to take it as it comes! x

  2. Hello Susa, and Sooz, hope you are in the sunshine right now :)
    This is a really good post. Motivation.. I struggle for it when it comes to leaving behind disappearing to the ED. But I’ve discovered I really like a lot of people in this world and I want to hang around to get to know them much better :) xx

  3. This.

    “The desire to be well again does get stronger. Surprisingly. It’s like “you get into it”.

    Thank you so much. That gives me hope. I hope to be able to breach my breaking point and push pass my fear to get to that point and I will remember your promise.

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