Fun with Food

No, it’s not monday again (yet), but last  monday was (apparently) motivational and inspirational enough. Because guess what I found in my bag of ready-to-eat carrots?


Now, honestly. Does this not remind you of something? Does this not make you wanna play with your food? Honestly, tell me, if you’d have found this carrot in your bag of carrots, would you not do exactly what I did? Would you not also spend half an hour finding the right olive, creating the right cheese string and selecting the right sesame seeds in your kitchen, turning it into this…….?

Carrot Man

Meet the Amazing Carrot Man.



16 thoughts on “Fun with Food

  1. Hihihi!
    But truly it’s creepy.
    I’m crazy, but I’m scared of any kind of “mutants” especially considering food! Once I freaked out on similar shaped strawberry! I know! I’m a freak myself! :)))

  2. Muahahahaha! I can honestly say I wouldn’t have done that – because I don’t have the imagination. I may have made the legs shimmy across my table but wouldn’t have thought to add a body! Thanks for cheering me up Sooz xx

  3. I love mutant food! And playing with it. Fond memories of corn people running to dodge the pea boulders rolling down mashed potato mountains followed by a sea of gravy lava…

    You cheered me up too :) thank you xxx

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