Monday Motivations

Yes, again, it’s monday. Not just any monday, it’s my last monday here before I leave for Cuba. I still have two deadlines and need a load more shopping (I don’t even own UNDERWEAR that fits, let alone bathingsuits… Ahhhhhhhhh the horror of bathingsuits… Tips? Anyone?!!).

Anyway. I ain’t feeling too motivationalinspirational right now. So Ill just turn it into a little manic monday.

Imma play with ma food.

I’ve got some cool thingies agaaain!!

>> Click here << for the awesomest thing your dad could give you for dinner!
And as if that’s not enough, same dad makes you go BOOM!! when he serves this: >> Click! <<

Hey, and no dinner is complete without dessert right? Since your dad’s already pushing the boundaries with all this healthy food (broccoli AND cauliflower? Come on, that’s just ain’t right, innit?) he’s taking it one step further by serving you this for afters: >> Click for dessert! <<

Oh please tell me you will all miss my incredibly intelligent posts the coming six weeks?


16 thoughts on “Monday Motivations

  1. Those watermelons are awesome!

    Bikini’s are scary, try a tankini – longish top covers the belly and “boy shorts”, Sarongs, floaty cover up thingies etc. But honestly Sooz, I reckon once you get there you will loosen up a bit and be able to relax.

    I will most certainly miss your ramblings xx

  2. I always go for one piece suits myself (and I personally think they’re sexier than bikinis, leave more to the imagination =p) Never showed my belly, even when I was anorexic! I have loose skin (the joys of pregnancy) so never been one for showing it off!

    Also with one piece suits, you can get ones with support and that pull you in a bit (I am another flabby non exerciser, walking doesn’t tone you up, just gives you super muscular legs =D haha!) Sarongs are good (saddlebags/ thunder thighs.) I agree with Meg, you’ll find you’ll be able to relax (and I doubt you’re gonna be surrounded by swimsuit models anyhow! Yeah, most people aren’t used to getting used to a normal body, from being an emaciated skeleton, but I reckon you’ll be fine!)

    I’ve misplaced my passport, just in time for Singapore… yey!

    I too will miss your ramblings and the strange things you find on the internet (broccoli treehouse!?! Awesomeness!)

    • That one’s actually quite nice!! Too bad I cannot order online and still have it in time…

      Im afraid this week will end up with some horrid shopping trials…

      • I hate shopping for swimsuits too :( *hugs* good luck. You could always try buying seperates like a tank top and some shorts – not everyone wears swimsuits at the beach! xx

      • That reminds me of something once said on a TVshow I devoured wth my dad as a kid (JAG, dont know if you know it?). At one point they were at a beach in Australia and they said; In Australia every woman at the beach wears a two-piece: A bottompiece and a hat ;)

    • So what dó you do? Ignore the beach? Cover up? Challenge your fears and suit up anyway? Two winters ago I went to Kenya for a help-Sooz-through-winter trip and I was almost at my skinniest then, and I wore a long sleeved, ankle-length, semi-see through dress over my bikini 24/7….

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