Wednesdays words of wisdom

As a procrastination for writing down what I am actually feeling, I leave you guys with the quote that I have on my mirror (the only thing I see when I look at it, as I try to avoid my reflection at the moment)

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction” ~Winston Churchill

(&Who are we to disagree?)



4 thoughts on “Wednesdays words of wisdom

  1. I love change, I may be one of few people who, in general, is in constant flux. I cannot stay in one place too long, I move, start and quit jobs, and am always picking up new interests and hobbies. Nothing is consistent for me, really, except the way that I cope with food. But change in the right direction is certainly better than change for the sake of change,

    • Change for the sake of change rarely ever works for whatever you are trying to make it work, in my experience. Why are you so itcy? Is it the ‘newness’ that attracks you, or is things you’re trying to escape that push you?

      I used to be (and maybe still am) quite a bit of an ‘autist’ when it comes to having ‘my stuffs’, ‘my places’ etc. When I noticed how much this was getting me stuck, I decided I needed something drastic. I packed my stuff and left for a year of backpacking. It gave me itchy feet. After that, people started saying my itchy feet are a way of escaping. Of running from things. But I don’t think that works. If the ‘problem’ is in your head, you can’t escape it anyway. You take it with you or you leave it waiting on your return.
      >> <<

      (And the way you cope with food? Or the way you 'not cope' with food, like I do.. hihi)

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