Posting &such

I was irregularly and inconsistently posting because I was busy. Now I am not posting because I cannot (and will not) write down how horrible I am feeling. And from next week on I cannot post for 6 weeks because I will be in Cuba.

So excuse me for being absent for a bit. I will try and do some posts coming weeks (even if it’s scheduled ones).

What are posts you guys like and want to see more of?


11 thoughts on “Posting &such

  1. Cuba? Aw jealous! (Says Singapore girl!) I like posts on all sorts of things.

    You should write for you (and not worry too much about us!) You shouldn’t feel you should have to post!

    I hope you’re ok!


  2. Cuba! Wow! And I think I must have missed getting to say Bon Voyage to you because I’m late catching up with all your posts. Please please please can you add a subscribe by email link? You will find it by going to dashboard – appearance – widgets :) And then you just drag it over to the column of things that will appear on your page and hey presto! I’ll never miss your updates again :)
    I get the not writing because of how you are feeling. Depression has me feeling rock bottom too, and just having nothing to say that isn’t a huge whinge – so I don’t write anything. HOpe you feel better soon, my friend – thinking of you and sending huge transatlantic hugs xxx

    • I wrote part of it down anyway. Including awesome pictures. You gotta love all my blog pictures……

      And Im not gone yet, I leave next weekend (the 5th). WAHHHHHH!!!

      Oh and I think I managed to put up an emailfollowthingy? Can you check and tell me if its working?

      • Woo hooo!!!! So happy – thank you, I’m now subscribed to you and never to miss a post again :) Thank you.
        Don’t worry, what’s important is that you are okay hon xxx

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