Pro-Ana II

No, I promise, I did not turn from recovery blog to the opposite.

I just have midterms, deadlines and papers. And so I spend time browsing the internet doing nothing. SOBbing (Study Avoident Behavoir). So here’s another one for the ones who can handle a little joke.

Wanna see your bones?

Buy new socks!

Or, even better; a new top!


6 thoughts on “Pro-Ana II

    • Nooo seriously, I OWN that title haha. I’d be the worldchamp procrastnation if there was a competition!

      And I love that shirt too!! So Emo haha, makes me feel all 16again!
      (As does recovery, so ha, perfect match)

      • Yeah, I’m such an emo at the moment, all I do is cry! I cry when I binge, I cry when the supermarket has no soya yoghurt, I cry just because, emotions! I’m such a woman! But… but… I’m smiling again! For real smiling, not the fake, anorexic ‘I’m so happy honest I am LOOK AT ME SMILING MANICALLY PEOPLE!’ I was told by my sister, and my Doctor that I came across as fake… I try my best!

        One of my dad’s friends recently said his facebook wall was so boring when I don’t have any deadline, because I’m not constantly on there anymore! I also seem to have a super tidy room in those times…

        We should so write books on procrastination, some other time, later!

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