Monday Motivations

Ahhhh, mondays. A fresh start of the week.

While I am on my way (4:30 IN THE MORNING PEOPLE!) to my finals, which I aready know I will flunk, I leave you guys with something.. Well, maybe more inspirational than motivational. Though, motivation to me it is, because from now on it is on my ‘to see and to do’ list.

Be astonished. Be humbled. This is our amazing mother nature

>>>>Watch here<<<<

I know right, I’m the bomb at finding videos. Maybe my motivational mondays should turn into Movie Mondays?


10 thoughts on “Monday Motivations

  1. HEY!

    this is zoe, of the recently deceased zoe and the beatles hah. buuut…I AM IN HOLLAND! in amsterdam till the 21st. are you around?! shoot me an email if you can. hope to hear from you :)!

  2. hey!

    it’s zoe (zoeandthebeatles zoe). aaand i am in holland! made it :) in amaterdam till the 21st. are you around/free? let me knooow :) hope to hear from you!

    (also, may have posted more than once? really confused — doing this by phone!!)

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