Same same but different

Funny how last time I told about it being so ironic I got an award even though I never entered a competition, whereas, as a kid, I never won anything even if I did. Even more ironic is that I’ve now won another, the same one!, again.

It is called the sunshine award. (&somehow, it now has different questions). I’m not too sure about this award-thing, mostly because I don’t want my blog to be competitive. I am not competitive at all by nature. But then again, it’s just a sign of appreciation, which I’ll take. Plus, honestly, I can use some sunshine right now. Literally (hello Dutch weather, did you not get the note it is JUNE?) and not so literally. Hello Sooz, can you BRIGHTEN UP ALREADY? Well, currently, no. For a few minutes, maybe. But mostly; no. I ain’t doin’ so sunny. So, I gladly take the opportunity to receive some sunshine, in any form, and fill in some random questions (me loves random) to take my mind off of…. Well… Myself.

So, Eliza, big big thanks for the award!

The rules for the Sunshine Award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and write a post about it.
2. Answer ten questions about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 10 or 12 bloggers you enjoy (or I say however many you want!), link to their blogs, and let them know you nominated them.


1: Favorite drink?
Non alc: Tea&Coffee (both hot&iced)
Alc: Sambuca

2: Favorite food?
Fav candy; licorice
Fav dish; used to be my moms lasagna. Now I’m not sure anymore. Does ice-cream count?
Fav cuisine; Tie between Thai (ha ha) and Malaysian. I think Thai

3: Age?
23 (Nov)

4: Favorite time of day?
I can love and hate all. I can love my mornings, especially when I wake up in my own bed, own house, own routines and funky dances with loud music and easy going, no hurrying. But I also love long afternoons with friends sipping wine in the sunshine, and similar evenings (especially after the aforementioned mornings and afternoons!) with friends having drinks and endless conversations. And party-nights. Gotta love those. Oh, and really long, deep recharge-sleeping nights. I love my sleep (it’s rare, so I treasure it)


Puppy when we just got her
Nowhere near as cute anymore!

 5: Favorite season?
Me&sun are closer than Ben&Jerry. I don’t care about the season, as long as there’s sun

6: Favorite animal?
My puppy!

7: Favorite movie?
Too many. I love movies. From animated to horror to drama to arthouse etc. As long as it moves me, whether that be making me cry, making me thing, making me laugh or scaring the living shit out of me (harder then all the aforementioned combined)

8: Favorite vacation?
Non-hurried backpacking trips. I’m a slow traveler, I like to take in what I’m seeing and truly experience it.

9: Physical activity?
Does playing with puppy count? Traveling then? Shopping? Drunk dancing? Ahhh? I’ve never done sports. I know, I know…

10: Favorite thing?
Favorite thing I own: I don’t care about material stuff really. Well, pictures are treasures. And I have one ring I got from my mum who got it from my grandma, so that is special too. And I have never taken off the anklets I wore to my friends (traditional Indian) wedding. But a fav ‘thing’? My memories.
Favorite thing to do: Laughing (&meaning it). Traveling. Oh, so many more.

Again, I am not ‘tagging’ anyone, but would like to invite you to share some randomness about yourself! Brighten up my day a little, help distract me (or even yourself).


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