Video Friday

I just need an outlet for all the brainless surfing around the internet. Sometimes you just bump into little gems, which I then have to share. Here goes one again, please, click it if you want! >>HERE<<

Who says crazy can’t be good, right?!

(And yes, I’ll admit, I want that red dress)


8 thoughts on “Video Friday

  1. SOOOOOZ. That made me cry! I started thinking it was way cheesy but then it was so so sweet in the end, that is some good brainless surfing you’ve done there. x

    • I know right? If they ever have championships in that I think I’d make a pretty good runner up. (Can’t win them all. I’d already be procrastination champ…)

  2. I saw this a few weeks back and have been watching it repeatedly and showing it to everyone I know! Absolutely adore it- so so touching. I hope I find someone who loves me that much…

    • Yeah I know, awesome right?! The fact that it isn’t one of those sleek, perfectly edited, glossy video’s makes it so much more special, so much more real!!

      Love your Tumblr too. I have NO idea how that website works but love the idea of having a place to dump your positive finds!

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