Computer help!

As I said before, I’m a complete computer FAIL. Capitals and all…

And I have a problèèèèèm, AGAIN.

I don’t seem to be getting updates of most (almost all!) blogs by mail (only in the reader which I rarely check) PLUS, I keep switching from being mundanebrain to Sooz and needing to approve my own comments? But I always use the same email address?!

Anyone, hellup me puhleaase?

(I’ll delete this post once I’ve found you’ve helped me find the solution!)


2 thoughts on “Computer help!

  1. Mine did something similar, except it stopped following LOADS of people and now I don’t have many at all! Try going on the dashboard to ‘blogs I follow’ and check that the email thing is set up, WP decided to stop sending me emails randomly so I had to re-check the boxes x

  2. Me too. But also there are some bloggers you cannot seem to subscribe by email to. You have to click a separate ‘follow by email, join xxx other subscribers’ link that’s usually somewhere on the page! Hope that helps. I can’t find yours, so I can’t get your updates by email, hence my tardiness. Lots of love, Sooz xxx

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