Monday motivations: Ending or beginning?

I just found an old saying I had written down, and posted before. But it was in Dutch. It somehow ‘grabbed’ me again (funny how mere words can do that), so I took the liberty to translate them. Because it’s monday.

The world is round
            so, what appears 
            to be the end

Might as well
           simply be
           the beginning

~ Loesje

I needed these words today. After a full week of no binges, being free from my brain, I fucked up again, two days straight.  And not just ‘a bit’, when I fuck up, I make it my mission to FUCK UP, capitals and all. After feeling sorta.. good (dare I say it?) for two days (yes, even body image wise!) I’m now right back where I started. Or worse. Because after a high, even streetlevel seems lower, let alone a real low. I need it to be wednesday, I need another fresh start.


10 thoughts on “Monday motivations: Ending or beginning?

  1. From what I’ve been reading and researching, your good days will become more often. Mine certainly have already. Gotta keep hold of that lovely. Ride the rough with the smooth.
    I absolutely adore words and quotes too.
    Wednesdays a coming. HUGS lovely x

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  3. Love this little ode – just what I needed too. I hope things get better hon, hope you stop beating yourself up – think of what you HAVE accomplished despite this set back xxx

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