If haters gonna stare…

If they’re gonna stare….
                                         … give ’em something to stare at!

Only a small part of my personal collection

 (I am currently swamped with Uni deadlines. Sorry for the lack of meaningful posts!)


16 thoughts on “If haters gonna stare…

    • You can always borrow a pair!! (If your feet are the same mammoth size as mine..And this is not even half of the collection, the other half is more brown/dark blue/black coloured. And thats only just the BOOTS!)

    ahhh, i could stare all day, if i didnt have so much stupid WORK to do!!!!
    i sympathise, its that time of year isnt it?! roll on summer holidays :-)

    • Heee Clemmy!! Shit I completely lost track of your blog at some point!
      And yeah, it’s ’round up’ time of year, which in my case means; attempt to catch up-time of year. Which is a bloody lot to catch up with really… SWAMPED! (as you can tell by the fact its waypastkiddobedtimeoclock right now and Im still typing away on the bloody laptop!)

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