Wednesdays words of wisdom

Ah, another wednesday. Time for some words of wisdom.

Not mine, d’oh, that would be some paradox!

But I read this the other day and thought it’d make a nice Wedneday post, since it’s been too long since I did one of those anyway.

The elevator to heaven broke down. You have to take the stairs now. Step by step. ~Joe Girard.

Bwoah. That one was an in my face-type of ones. STEP BY STEP, Sooz. I wrote about it last week, in my mother’s day post, how I thought I would just ‘do’ ‘this recovery thing’, like, BHAM, and get it over with. I learnt the hard way that that’s not how it works.  Every journey starts with a first step, yes. But I forgot that after that first one, the entire rest of the journey is made out of single steps too.

‘A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind?’,  not so much when it comes to recovery. For us, it works the other way around.  Hysterically texting a friend after spontaneously eating (&finishing) a McFlurry? Wearing short sleeves for the first time in two years? A small step for mankind but a giant leap for us.

What (giant or baby) steps have you made thus far that made you realized your on the right track? And where do you hope that path will lead you to?


4 thoughts on “Wednesdays words of wisdom

  1. Thank you for the bright words of wisdom on your last comment! I love that idea “4-o clock-y!” I actually think that I shall implement it :) Golly, it must be wonderful to live in a culture that embraces meal-times for food rather than the “eat-on-the-go” attitude of the North American lifestyle. <3

    • The English, too, have the tradition of having afternoon tea. And Germans like to have coffee and cake around that time too.There’s plenty on-the-go ppl here to. It’s your choice who you choose to identify with and to follow as an example, I suppose. Four-o-clocky-y it is then! Let me know whether its working for you :)

  2. Love it :) My case manager was talking to me about small steps just the other day. I get frustrated over ‘lack of progress’ and she has to remind me that I can’t be ‘there’ in one giant leap (and that I would fall over if I tried), instead it is one little step at a time. xx

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