Brick wall

Bottom line?
……………………………………………………………. I’m not doing well.

At all.

And to prevent myself from jumping in front of the train this mondaymorning instead of in it, I need me some DIY pull-me-uppin’.

Hard core.


Plan of action? Ignore tomorrows midterm, try to get my deadlines (no pun intended) finished and then spend this weekend with my angels during the daytime (there aint no better cure for any sorrow than spending time with them) and some hardcore boozing at night with some friends. I need to get out of this mess.


Any tips? Tricks? Enlighten me, please.


7 thoughts on “Brick wall

  1. hey girl…no trips to get out of funkville that you probably don’t already know…but do hold on and hang on.

    i was so cheesed when i found out you never got my email which was a)missive and b)responding to many things you wrote in your prior email. i cant find either of them anywhere.

    the thought of recreating it is just overwhelming and futile and i had resolved to put the past behind me and move forward BUT that has coincided with sick days and hecka craziness at work (i can barely find time to type this comment)

    please do reach out meanwhile if you so choose…promise i’ll respond quickly.

  2. There you are! I’ve been thinking about you, wondering how you are.

    Sorry things are rubbish at the moment, right now I can’t think of any tips or tricks that would be new to you. E-mail me if you want to chat/rant/moan or anything! x

  3. ur aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive !! ( pun intended) been wondering where’d you dissapear to.
    Sounds like you already have a plan to pull yourself out of the rut you’re in :D Angels, friends, dancing and booze ( in “moderation” of course). add sunshine and good quality chocolate and you have a cure!

    if all else fails… we’re all here to give you a kick up the arse if that’s what it takes to get you out of the hole. :D be strong.

    • Sunshine, check. Chocoate; check. Angels; check. Birthdaycake; check. Booze; check. Hangover? Check. Deadlines…? Still there. You’re email will be on its way right after finishing my Uni stiff (after monday!). (Kick up my arse? Can use some lah..)

      • *kicks* good girl!

        glad you’re ok and it’s just uni stuff.. must say was getting a tad worried with you being MIA for a bit.. ><

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