Update of sorts

So, I’m still down with the flu and it sucks. Like, nightsweats, fevers, either on or in front of the toilet.. I feel like a combo of AN and menopauze. But, that aside, the good news is; I MOVED IN! After two weeks of letting my little develish voices negotiate and keeping me at my parents house (basically freaking out of moving out..) I did it. I kicked myself out of their house and moved in!

And I’m trying not to jump to conclusions too fast, but so far, so good. I’ve not been letting ED negotiate too much now I’m out of the parental’s supervision. So, me happy for now!

Home sweet home?
Came back to my parents place today to do some internet stuff (havent got internet at the new pad yet, so sorry if I’m a bit slow on replying and stuff!) and the puppy was all over me. Clearly at least someone has been missing me. And quite honestly, she’s what I miss most aswell (well, her and my parent’s fucking amazing shower… )

One thought on “Update of sorts

  1. HOME SWEET HOME! I hope it’s a happy one :)

    You’re spot on about the dog and the shower – they were the same two things which kept luring me back to my parents house! (Well, that and the fact I knew they’d feed me a big stodgy meal which I needed).

    Enjoy your new home x

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