Flu you!

I was planning to write a post about, well, al sorts of stuff, but I haven’t gotten around to it quite yet because something else came up…. The flu. Booger..

And that made me want to ask you guys something; how do you deal? When I’m sick I don’t have a clue of what my body needs. I’m hungry, yet sick and about to puke (which I never do) and though it used to be the perfect excuse to just not eat alltogether, it is now me stuffing myself to the brim (and over) just because all my little devilish EDvoices pop up and I try to ignore them with a bit too much effort.. I’m nauseous, my throat hurts like hell, my brains are replaced by snot, my head feels like its about to burst, my muscles are soar, swallowing is painful, I have a fever and I’m hungry (and then not, and then I am again, and then not…). GAHH!

So basically I’ve been nonstop eating chocolate (it melts in your mouth), icecream (feels so nice on a soar throat) and fullfatyogurt (I don’t even like the stuff..) and downing fresh orangejuice… But this can make a random person feel sick on any given day, let alone someone already down with the flu!

And to make matters worse; I’m meeting my two girls tomorrow for a friggin’ seven course dinner. SEVEN! I hope they have a magic bullit in the restaurant kitchen to make me  babyfoodversions….


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