Have I got news for you?


No news. Not pregnant. Not even having my period back. No lovelife. No insights. No finding the lord. No breakthroughs. No breakdowns.

Why write a post then? Cuz.. I might actually be okay. Like.. Okay. You  know? Just. Nothing much. Like, alright. Okay. Not bad. 

I had three binges today. But all three at mealtimes. Thats good. It’s eatingtimes. And I decorated my new place today. And friends of my mom’s came by and they said it ‘instantely felt welcome and homey’. It made me happy. Then I went to my parents place (they’re out) and watched Glee the movie with my dog. And now? I decided I was going to have icecream. Wich I did. Even though I already binged too much today. I let myself have icecream. I let myself. I might be letting myself be.

And you know what? A guy came into the gallery today where I work. I asked him if there was anything he liked. He grinned. He liked everything. Ever-y-thing. I told him that couldn’t be true. So many different things, no one can like it all. But he did, he said. Everything. Then we talked a bit about my pictures and he smiled again. I thanked me for having him. I told him everyone was welcome. He said again he liked everything there was inside the gallery. I smiled. He really did like everything, including and especially, me.


4 thoughts on “Have I got news for you?

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