A not so divine intervention

I just dressed my brothers hands, after he scattered the glass door in the house. He and his girlfriend were fighting, again. It’s what they do when they’re drunk. So I got her to go to bed (in my bed) and cleaned up the mess downstairs. Our puppy sat crying scared in the bench. There’s enough drama in the world without me making it worse with my eating nonsense. Get over it already. So, sipping some tea now, calming my dog down and then off to bed again. And we’ll try again tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “A not so divine intervention

  1. Tea helps solve all ills.

    I hope you’re feeling ok. It’s not “eating nonsense” or “drama” – it’s entirely legitimate and an illness. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling bad, The damage can be undone, but it takes so much time and work. It’s not fun or easy, but the physical side is just the beginning as you know.

    Keep caring for yourself and don’t devalue your feelings. They are important and may well need time and energy to work through. You can. ED has not irrevocably scarred you.

    Hope you’re doing ok x.

    • Thank you :) Sorta didnt follow your advice though… Tea might have been a wiser thing to drink than all the rumcokes I ended up having. But sometimes serious drinking and very nonserious conversations can really do the trick. For as long as it lasts…..

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