I feel like a stranded whale, about to explode. No, even worse. I’m wearing my mom’s size XL shirts because none of my own stuff fits anymore. I just had brunch with my sister in law, who is a quarter my size, and now I have to go to my best friend’s welcome home party with a shitload of people I havent seen since I was 15kilo’s less six months ago. After that, I’m meeting the entire family for a four course dinner at some fancy restaurant, where they sure as hell don’t serve highcuisine small sized bites. Goddamn, I hate this motherfucking disease. Where the HELL do they sell masses of selflove? Most preferably on sale, cuz I’ll need a whole lot of it


2 thoughts on “Stranded

  1. Now I just figured out what I would buy with my lottery winnings.
    ALL THE SELFLOVE in the world and I would give it away constantly to all those who need it.

    Yeah, I wish they sold it. But nothing good ever comes cheap?

    Or..welll… Hang in there.

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