Completely usesless, random things and thinks this past week included;

  • Spending 6 days cleaning the new appartment (no lie…) and then having your dog poop right on the carpet, in the middle of the living room..? Oh yes, the sweet smell of appreciation…
  • Buying cover-up plastic for the U-G-L-Y kitchen cabinets, to find out (when trying to apply it) that there are perfectly fine kitchen cabinets underneath the prévious layer of cover-up plastic..
  • Doesn’t everything taste better through a straw?
  • That wanting to lose weight while stuffing your mouth (again!) with the worst of foods doesn’t make any sense? Especially not after already realizing that it doesn’t? Edit to earlier post..
  • Cleaning a house that hasn’t been used in 32 years is a pretty intense workout
  • Buying/giving really good gifts is a really good feeling!
  • Bumping into a friend on Facebook (Now really, Generation X chick?! Bumping into someone online?! Come on Sooz!) who you haven’t seen in 2,5 years, and have her ask you why you (still) haven’t picked up modelling. Gosh, if only she knew how I’ve looked since the last time we met.. Painful to say the least..
  • Again, really, everything does taste better through a straw, right?!
  • Finding no shame at all in joining your angels (4&2yrs old) in colouring in a random Princess print?
  • Having the hardest time focussing on Uni stuff. Still trying to catch up with stuff I need to catch up with. On which I was already behind. You get the point…
  • Binging on licorice will skyrocket your bloodpressure, and therefore make your face turn almost purple, make you sweat like a Russian dockworker and enables you to walk dog in freezing winter weather with nothing but a Tshirt on? (Yet, not quite that sexy with said purple face and skinny twiggy legs underneath said Tshirt and being dragged across a field by, yet again, a pooping puppy?)
  • Trying to figure out how on earth to move furniture into a house that is above an art gallery, with only a tiiiiny staircase (in the middle of said gallery filled with expensive art) and only a small window out front to open..?

Oh how tiring it can be to live with this chaotic head of mine! Poor old thing..
Anything random happened to you/thought by you recently?


4 thoughts on “Random

  1. The furniture thing? Ikea.
    And some friends for assembly.

    And some beer and snacks to entice them.
    Moving out? erm…..

    Sounds as if things are looking good despite the random chaos. Hope you are still going strong with the resolve.

    • First thing that I stuffed in my fridge: LOADS of cheap beer, three bottles of white wine and a bottle of Vermouth. Oh, and olives. Just because I can. What does your place look like? Stylewise? (Except for your selfbuilt forts that it… I now have an entire ATTICK I don’t use to build forts!)
      The resolve and me….. Ups and downs babe. Where’s your email though? Got lost in translation? xx

  2. I have gone though a winter carnival with three hot dogs (all the other menus had lactose) and a giant doughnut topped with pecans and caramel sauce. And all this eaten in good company and I was hungry for it.

    I have read a book on how our bodies know and feel what we don’t always do.I got answers to cramps and other stuff I no longer want to have.

    Our place here in Canada is so different from the one we had in Paris. The building and the decor is so much older. Gray brick walls and seventies furniture (for practicality, we rent furnished for the moment).

    I painted my second Canadian art piece, and the hubs liked it. Like the first. Wow… am I getting under pressure for the sequel?

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