A house is not a home…

….Unless you make it one!

So, I’m assuming you all read my previous post but accidentally overlooked my question (mua ha, as if..) so I’ll just put up a slight reminder here; Anyone’s got any pointers/tips/advice/inspiration about home deco/DIY/styling/etc? What makes a house a home to you? How would you describe your style? Any musthaves/mustdo’s? Any no-no’s? Come on, share me some! ;)

(I can’t always only be bitching and moaning here about eating and not eating, now can I?)


10 thoughts on “A house is not a home…

  1. I did actually miss your last post completely sorry!

    That’s great news that you’re getting your own place again, that’s my driving force at the moment and it’s what I’m working towards. You definitely need to keep a check on yourself though, it’s too easy to let things slide without people looking over your shoulder. You can take this opportunity to prove to yourself, and to your family, that you CAN do this. You can stand on your own two feet and look after yourself.

    I’m excited for you but unbelivably jealous! I am a decorating geek, I love looking at different storage/wallpaper/furniture but haven’t got anywhere to actually do it! I am not imaginative in the slightest though I’m afraid so weon’t be much help, but have you had a look on Pinterest? I wasted hours on there the other day looking at stuff so it might give you some ideas x

  2. I love people watching, and I also tend to draw a picture of what their house/car etc looks like when I see random strangers pass by! I always find it intrigueing to see how people’s personal style relates (or not!) to what their homes look like

    • I love people watching! My mind runs away with itself figuring out the relationships between groups of people, creating little stories about how they know each other etc…that comment looks REALLY strange written down.

      Sadly I don’t have the skill or artistic talent to draw pictures but if I did I probably would!

      Sprucing up second hand furniture sounds like fun, I saw this on pinterest the other day which I really like:

      • Ha sorry! I meant to picture what their house/life looks like, not to draw. Unfortunately not talented at all either! Love the shelves though! Saved it! Currently pimping a really cute antique salon-table (? Is that English?!) I found on the streets!

  3. I like modern and Scandinavian pure-lined, but with some coziness as well. A comfy couch makes the home.
    You could maybe paint the walls yourself. Using a sponge to apply paint is a great technique and gives you an Italian style feel. Finding second-hand furniture can be fun too. You can always tune them up a bit to your liking. Maybe I could send you an art piece? ;)

    • I love the natural feel of Scandinavian homes as well, but I also love a mix of bold prints/patterns/designs/colours (ethic style) and also antique-ish… So a huge mish mash! My old appartment was a big big mix as well. And I have collected quite some secondhand furniture by now, either pimped or not. And an artpiece!! Yeeeah!! ;) The ‘Degas’one?? ;)

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