Wednesdays words of wisdom

If you’re too scared to try something new, try something old.
It might aswell feel new all over again

Unfortunately thusfar I’ve been failing at trying to break free from my bingeing. I don’t understand why. It’s like I can’t seem to make a fesh start. Even though I’ve been doing this for only a little while, compared to the rest of my life. Why can’t I seem to return to normal. To return to my pre-ED routines? I’ve had 22 years of practice on that, one year of practice on not eating and now half a year of this binge-madness. If creating a new routine is too hard, why is returning to an old one even harder?


2 thoughts on “Wednesdays words of wisdom

  1. When I was binging, I did it because I felt bad and sad. The more I binged, the more I gained, and the more I felt sad.
    What could help is clearing your house of all the binge foods. Making a plan of foods that you will eat. Even if they’d be the same every day at the beginning. To provide structure. Then trying to stick to that. This is where it gets complicated. You need to find the willpower in you. No one else can truly give it to you. But… we can provide support and care.
    A morning is a good time to start. Say to yourself “I have nothing to lose”. No matter what your size today, you can get to a healthy place. Everything is possible. The sooner you manage to break the binging, the faster you can live again. And be even more proud of yourself – you can already be proud, you have accomplished a lot, like breaking free from AN! This is not a quick fix, but the hardest fight of your life. A habit can e created in about a month.
    Remember, I am here for you if you’d like to chat more.

    • I know I theoretically should get rid of all the food, but I don’t want to. I know this sounds super dumb, but I so desperately want to be normal that I feel I should be able to just have it lying around the house. I don’t want to ‘not be able to buy things’ or something. I know, stupid. But I’m stubborn like that..
      I’m just so sick and mostly so tired of fighting. I hate it when all my plans keep falling apart. Today, EXACTLY (to the date! How on earth I managed to do that?! Dont know..) one year after I decided I had to change something or it’d be the death of me, I am officiallt 16KILO’s more than I was a year ago. I am still considered underweight though, but I hate every.single.gram I gained due to these friggin’ binges. I would have felt proud if I’d been able to get here on a healthy route, but instead I feel messed up than 16kilo/1year ago.
      (Not sure if I should have mentioned these numbers?? Hmm… in doubt now. Is that okay or very disturbing/triggering?) How long did your bingeing period last? What made you conquer it? Did you fall right back into AN? Whats your story in all this? Might be a bit too personal? You can always shoot me an email if you’d like)
      Love, Sooz

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