Monday motivations

Starting over. Again.

Because every future has a past and every story has a start.


5 thoughts on “Monday motivations

  1. Yes Sooz, start over!

    The past is there. You will always remember it, but lots of others won’t. They will very fast see you the way you today want to be. That is awesome!

    Understanding the past has helped me, even though I still don’t truly understand why I got sick with ED and for example my little sister didn’t. I know that I am prone to low self-esteem, being overly sensitive about others’ remarks, easily depressed (and luckily also easily happy), very critical of myself and wanting to feel “special” since I feel insignificant. These are some of the reasons why I needed to feel better by getting as skinny as I could. Because skinny equaled success to me. But if we keep losing and losing, one day we die. Just like if we keep eating and eating, one day we die too. So the truth is somewhere in between.

    The truth is in learning to eat sufficiently, and then being able to forget about it, feeling rather good in you body, and eating again next meal time. This is so easy to say, but so hard to do. But there are people who are able to do it, so why not you and I too?

    When I binged, I had to keep on doing it about a week. Then it was as if “the evil cloud” decided to lift. And I got the courage to diet. First eating nothing, and then just the minimum. Until I binged again. What helped me was acting when the very first desire of a binge popped up. Fighting back at the very root.

    If ever you’d like to write me when the urge comes, talk it out, I’d be honored. Small steps… anyway. If you are binge free today, that is a huge victory! Then maybe another day. If you fall, talk it out, and get up again. Getting up after a failure is even more brave than fighting without falling.

    I believe in You! No pressure, just friend’s love.

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