Woman, get a life!

I know the world has real problems, so why the HELL do I spend hours crying about SHALLOW things like food/body/self-image issues?!


7 thoughts on “Woman, get a life!

  1. It the nature of the beast, girlie.
    I get so ashamed and upset with myself too, but we mustn’t. Its only another means for our sad brains to attack us and make us feel like more of a piece of nothing than we already down. Kicking us along like a soccerball…we’re already on the ground.

    Forgive yourself. You are loved. You are human.

  2. They’re not shallow. At least, not to you. To others it might be shallow… but others don’t face the same battles that you do. Don’t get frustrated the same way you do. Sending major hugs your way!!! <3

    • But that’s the thing. Even to me they’re shallow. Thats the most frustrating part! I can’t get over the fact how shallow my life/I have gotten! I used to travel the world alone, meet awesome people, go through the strangest/hardest/awesomenest stuff and now here I am, stuck in my PARENTS house for crying out loud, worrying about how fat I am! I wanna go back to being that happy little traveling chick but all my energy gets drained into this bottomless hellhole

  3. Well, I think that they are important to you, so that is why they are not insignificant issues. You are important – first of all, the most important person in your life, in many others’ too.

    I believe it is possible to recover from AN without falling into another troubled eating pattern. Am I too optimistic? Time will tell. I realize that today I no longer calorie-count. I eat fatty things at times like butter, hummus, salty snacks… (oddly, I never had food rules on sugar – candy and cookies were my friends). I eat out without pre-planning. I eat varied foods and not the same things all the time. All the things mentioned were not the case a year ago.

    What I want to say as a friend who just wants to encourage is that… I believe you can live a healthy life without suffering from food issues. You can stop binging. You can eat, and then not think about it. Am I perfect in these? No!!! Do I want to get there? Yes! Let’s get there together. I want to give you a hug of encouragement!

    • I have completely lost touch with any form of healthy eating whatsoever. I first HAD to let go of it for the sane/healthy part of me that was clinging on to it too tight, and it was only feeding ana. But now I can’t seem to have a decent meal altogether anymore because all I eat is chocolate, liqorice, cookies, buttery pretzels etc. Ugh. I’ve gained so much weight by not eating well. It’s not just the weight. I would have so much more preferably gained it with nutritious stuff. Is that disordered? I dont know but I do know it’s too late now cuz I can’t erase the kilo’s. (Well, technically can, but nooooooooo should not or that will be the end of all). He, you can have some of my major weight gain? Would that be a good trade? You get some of my kilo’s and I get some of your abroad adventure travels? ;)
      Thank you for all the kind words. It really is encouraging

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