(not wednesdays) Words of wisdom

Alrighty then, a day belated, but still; Some words of wisdom.

 You’ve probably heard the saying; All will be alright in the end, and if it’s not alright, it’s not the end yet. One of my personal mantra’s is quite similar, but not exactly the same. I learnt this mantra from an Indonesian bush-guy I met when I was 15. It was the first time I was in Asia (not the last, since I absolutely fell in love with the continent). I was so in awe with that side of the world! The nature, the people, the food, the customs, the history… Basically, everything. And there I was, in Sumatra, in the jungle, further away from home than Id ever been, being chatted up by an Indonesian 30something year old guy who had lived in that part of the jungle all his life. He knew everything about every tree, every snake, every spider, every monkey etc and he didn’t mind at all to tell me all about it. So we sat outside on a warm night, me slightly awkward ofcourse, but too fascinated to go back to the cottage where my brother was already asleep. And of all the things Rudy told me, what I remember most (and kept with me for the rest of years) is this: In life, everything will turn out okay. And if it doesn’t? That will be okay as well.

I kept these words with me, and they always ended up being true. Especially during my travels a few years later (again, in Asia, but this time all by myself instead of with the family) I realized that every time something didn’t turn out the way I had wanted it to, it would still not mean the end of the world. How come I have let go of my personal mantra without realizing it? Where did it go in my day to day doings? So, I’m gonna say it out loud once more and keep reminding myself of Rudy’s words of wisdom: Everything will be okay, and if not, than that will turn out to be okay as well.


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