There are people who live in the now. Live for the moment. Those BAM! SHAZZAM! WAHOO! type of people. The super-inspired, motivated, energetic and (annoyingly) happy people. I love how it works for them. I would want it to work for me, too. Because, even though it sounds exhausting to live like that, it also looks like a lot of fun. Sort of, carefree, I suppose?

I now know it doesnt work for me. I am not one of those EXCLAMATIONMARK!!-type of people. Unfortunately, I’m quite… boring. And living only for the now does not work for me. Living that way, for me, means letting ED win. ED always know better, especially when it comes to immediate gratification. Actually, ED knows better only when it comes to immediate gratification. Because in the long run, ED will wear me down. So for me, the best remedy against ED is not to live for today, but to live for tomorrow.  To make choices I will also benefit of in the long run.

I don’t mean to say to not enjoy today. Or to procastinate. I mean to say to save some. Save some for tomorrow. Because all those good things will also be good tomorrow, or the day after. Dont try and do everything all at once, because you’ll end up drowning. Live today, but make sure to stick around long (and sane/healthy/happy/capable/…) enough to live even more (and better!) tomorrow.


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