Self fulfilling prophecies

Today, my physical therapist asked me if I believed I was going to recover. If I believed in recovery at all. And I told him I do, or at least, I pretend I do. That I would never get anywhere if I wouldnt. Recovery is what we need to do ourselves, no one can ‘recover for us’. So, if even I didnt think it’d be possible to recover, it would mean I wouldnt try, and therefore it would never happen.

What a (very negative!) self-fulfilling prophecy that would be.

And what I also believe: As long as we tell ourselved often and hard enough, we will come to believe it as the truth. So, whether recovery truly is possible or not will no longer be a question, as long as we just keep telling ourselves it is, then one day we’ll wake up actually believing it and thus being able to make it happen!


One thought on “Self fulfilling prophecies

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