Tired of ED

Today was the first time this week I met up with some friends, and it made me feel more lonely than the rest of the week combined. I feel left out. Unconnected. Unwanted, even. This isnt how friends should make you feel..?

I feel way more at ease around my family and even around random people you have around (ie my physical therapist, the other people in my painting class, friends of friends, etc), than around my very own friends.. Maybe I should re-think my relationships with (some of) them?

Me + relationships (any kind) have always been… Well, complicated. But me + ED + relationships… Well,  lets substitute complicated with problematic? I wish ED didnt have to make EVERY aspect of life so difficult and frustrating.  It’s crap-ass enough that it makes all food-related issues a big deal, but why does it have to interfere with everything else as well? It’s just so damn tiring!


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